How Can You Help Build our 2021 French Wines Vintage?

By Nicolas Deffrennes – President and Founder

During my time on the Harvard campus, I joined the university’s wine club. I was so excited to spend evenings trying exclusive wines from small wineries that few people could access!

Later, back in France, I felt bad opening a $30 bottle of wine just to have a glass by myself and I felt even worst when opening “industrial” low quality wines in cans. Have you ever felt the same frustration?

This is why I created Le Grand Verre Club, which means a GREAT BIG GLASS, so that people could enjoy Premium French wines, from organic and sustainable producers in a single-serve bottle!

We are currently working in the vineyard preparing our next vintage!

Tell us a bit about your tastes, and unlock $30 off your introductory wine bundle!

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