About Us, Our Wines & Bottles

What is Le Grand Verre? Who are You?

  • The Le Grand Verre idea emerged at Harvard University, when the founders joined the wine club to learn about wine. French wines are known as the best in the world, but they can be complex and hard to decipher.
  • Then came the idea of offering French wines from family estates—in smaller bottles so that everybody can try more of them! We also designed easy-to-read (and fun!) tasting cards to recreate the experience of a wine club at home!
  • Le Grand Verre was born with offices in Burgundy, France’s most prestigious wine region, where we partner with family estates to bring you the best wines. We also have an office in Los Angeles where we take care of our U.S. consumers and send out our excellent wines.


What does Craft Wines means? Who are your winemakers?

  • We believe wine should be an organic product. It is made by the hard work and passion of winemakers.
  • Most of the wine brands you see in normal stores are grown in large fields and harvested with machines. The goal is to maximize production. Some of these wineries produce several million bottles per year.
  • We work exclusively with family estates in France who own tiny parcels of land located in the best places to grow wine. A hill that captures more sunlight. A special soil that creates a unique taste. Our wineries typically produce 1000 to 10000 cases per year—very small, exclusive batches.
  • Our winemakers work on their own vineyards all-year long. They manually prune their vines, and harvest the grapes by hand (no machines here) in order to protect the vines and select the very best grapes.
  • We also focus on organic vineyards. Our winemakers do not use pesticides. They never use flavor additives. So every bottle you receive is made only from grape juice fermented into wine!
  • Last but not least we believe in diversity. We actively promote female winemakers in a male dominated industry!


What makes French Wines so special? How do they taste like?

  • First and foremost, French wines are cultivated in small wineries. Grapes have been growing here on tiny parcels of land for more than a thousand years. Burgundy vines were discovered by Monks more than a thousand years ago, and Bordeaux wines already existed before Christ!
  • Unlike large-batch industrial brands that sometimes use additives, each French wine we sell offers a unique taste from its terroir— a unique combination of soil and climate. The process is finalizes by the winemaker’s traditional harvesting methods.
  • France’s divers lands and winemaking techniques result in a vast array of tastes: very crisp and mineral whites in Sancerre; Pinot Noir and Chardonnay in Burgundy; rich blends from the south; world-class cabernet and merlot blends from Bordeaux.
  • What they all have in common is sophistication. Our wines are balanced rather than the bold, full-bodied and high-alcohol wines you find in everyday stores.
  • Why don’t you start exploring and give our wines a try? Take our quiz to start tasting them – Once you have started there will be no turning back.


What is the typical wine price?

  • Affordable fine wines. We focus on up-and-coming wineries that produce high-quality fine wines, but without selling them for a three-digit price.
  • Our wines would typically retail for $25 to $50, but because our winemakers are not-yet well-known (their wines may become unaffordable icons in a few years), we are able to offer great value for an affordable price. We source straight from the vineyards in France and ship the wines directly to you from our distribution center near Los Angeles.
  • Removing the middlemen enables us to offer you fine wines at an unbeatable price. And if you join our VIP membership you can even get up to eight bottles (6.3 oz each) per month for $29.90. Using our 6.3 oz bottle allows you to sample a wider variety for about the same cost as buying fewer normal-size bottles. You get an unbeatable price.
  • Take our quiz to start discovering French wines here